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Below are useful links and resources for eTrain users. Learn how to navigate the user site(s) and access support information.


Quick Start Guide

All users must complete the Course Registration process and obtain supervisor agreement/approval on course completion objectives. Once approved users will receive an email notifying them that their account has been activated.


1. Disable pop-up blockers (in Explorer go to Tools, then Pop-up Blockers and disable this feature).

2. Conduct a simple PC System test – see eTrain support below (optional).

3. Click User Log-in on the eTrain home page, and enter your user name and password & Log-in.

4. It is recommended that you change your password - you will find this option on the left hand navigation.

5. The courses that you registered for and were approved to take will be listed in the My Plan page. Take these courses first!

6. Locate additional courses by browsing the Catalog (top navigation) or use the Search Engine to find course titles. When you find a course you wish to take click Add To My Plan. Note: if you click Play from search engine results the course will not “save” and “bookmark” itself on the My Plan page.

7. Return to the My Plan page and launch your course.


View a comprehensive User Guide here


Find courses relative to certification tracks then locate that course in the training site – view matrix here


Learn more about certification and accreditation here

Although you will register for a minimum of one course when you log into your eTrain account you will see that you actually have access to an entire library of courses. Go to the course catalog to view all course titles. This is a huge benefit as you can take other courses as you wish.



How to be an Effective e-Learner!


You’ll find that you will be a successful e-learner if you follow these pointers:

• Schedule training sessions in your calendar and stick to your commitment.

● Meaningful course segments can be completed in 20-60 minutes -- string them together to complete courses.

● More effective then software “Help” access courses on demand for an on-the-fly training session.

● This is an internet based learning site, so access courses anytime from work, home or anywhere with a PC and internet connection!


Learn more about how to be an effective e-Learner here


Develop your skills, advance your career, learn more about casual interests -- it’s up to you!



eTrain Support:

» View System Requirements

» Conduct a PC system test here

» Access Technical Support (user/administrator)

For questions regarding access to the LIRR eTrain site contact:

Arthur Fougner -