Overview & Course Lists

Program Overview

LIRR is pleased to bring eTrain opportunities to our valued employees! This high quality training resource is now available to LIRR staff. 

The program is intended to support personnel interested in developing professional, business, and interpersonal skills. Each participant has open access to a full catalog of courses relative to job role, cross training and career development needs and interests.

Prior to getting access to the eTrain site each employee must complete the Course Registration process and obtain Department Training Coordinator approval.  Once approved users will receive an email notifying them that their account has been activated.

 This eTrain program is on a hosted platform, making training available anytime, from anywhere, with a PC and an internet connection. Each user has unlimited access to all of the resources they have been assigned to.  Program features include:

• Complete library of accredited course content (prepare for certification exams & earn CEU’s)

• Ask questions through a mentoring feature (live chat or email)

• Practice with real world simulations and exercises

• Job Aids and other printable course take-aways

Whether you are looking to learn a new set of skills, or get stronger within your current skill set, this eTrain opportunity has the tools and resources to get you the information you need, when you need it. Please enjoy this fantastic learning opportunity!

Course Catalog – Certification & Accreditation

All employees have access to over 2500 courses and or eBooks (check with your administrator for details).

View a course catalog here

Get information on certification and accreditation here

Questions & Support

For additional program information please contact:

Arthur Fougner - afougne@lirr.org