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Ways to Learn

No two people learn the same way, so why have them train in the same way? Some like to read, while others thrive in a classroom.

With My SkillSource, employees are given the advantage of choosing how they learn. This ensures that they receive information in a way that is optimal for them: With their comfort level up, they will train longer and more effectively.

Instructor-Led Classes:
Instructor-led classes are very much like a college class. There's a real instructor, a textbook, assignments and, importantly, realistic time-frames to complete each lesson. Each instructor-led class has specific start and end dates, and students are able to complete the work at times that are best of for them. Students do their assignments and communicate with the instructor and fellow students on their own schedules.

Instructor-led courses are made up of between 5-10 lessons. Each lesson includes an overview and reading assignment, a field trip with discussion questions, exercises, and quizzes. One lesson per week is covered so that participants have ample time to complete their work. And all along the way, students are able to communicate as necessary with a real instructor to check their progress and get feedback.

Instructor-led classes also offer Continuing Education Units (CEUs) which provide formal documentation, recognized by major institutions within the United States, that you've completed a class.

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Self-Study Courses:
Self-paced training courses are taken individually and allow students to progress though instruction at their own pace. These courses provide hands-on training with optional audio for an interactive and effective training experience. Pre-assessments allow students to channel directly into the lessons of a course that are required.

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Digitized Books:
Imagine thousands of books from major publishers like McGraw-Hill, Ziff- Davis, Sybex, Que, John Wiley, and MIT Press available at your fingertips, 24x7! The Resource Center provides a library of full-length, up-to-date reference books on Information Technology and Business topics. The entire contents of each book and all of their illustrations and graphics are viewable and printable right at your computer. Learners can add favorite books to their bookshelves, and chapters can be printed out for reading and reference as needed.

We've also posted sites and articles that enhance the learning experience.

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Skills Testing:
Aside from pre-assessments that allow students to channel directly into the lessons of a course that they require, My SkillSource offers skills testing and certification through Brainbench. Brainbench allows students to validate their knowledge of the courses taken at My SkillSource. By taking a certification exam, students can determine their competency of particular subjects or software.

Brainbench exams use Computer Adaptive Testing (CAT). Students respond to questions, a computer-adaptive test "adapts" itself to test takers by selecting the next item to be presented based on performance on preceding items. CAP is better than static testing because:

  • CAT requires fewer test items to arrive at a more accurate estimate of students' proficiency then pencil-and-paper exams.
  • CAT technology allows students to receive immediate feedback on their performance.
  • Each student is administered a different set of test items enhancing the test's security.
  • CAT scoring takes into account not just the number of items answered correctly, but which items were answered correctly. A student who correctly answers a more difficult question will score higher than a student who answers an easier question.

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