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Video & Task Based Training

Video is the most effective platform for task-based and skills training. With concise material presentations, our library of compact, viewer-focused recordings concentrate on one topic at a time. Employees can do their training and get back to work, putting their new information to immediate use. The video library includes over 3,000+ titles, covering areas of expertise such as information technology, desktop software & leadership.

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A few of the benefits of task-based learning:

High Quality

Video training materials that are well-crafted and optimized for the user experience.

Saves Time

Employees complete their training on-site and as work scheduling allows, not in a classroom.


Training sessions are accessible from mobile devices.


A video catalog is available 24/7 from any device connected to the internet.

Enterprise Training videos deliver information in concise, three to 12 minute learning sessions. These sessions can be followed up with practical application training, immediately reinforcing the targeted skills. Video narration addresses the viewer in first-person and encourages interaction with "drag-and-drop" and "show me" simulations.

Skills training is in constant demand in any environment. Managing new employees, dealing with fluctuating job requirements, keeping up with technical skills and making re-training activities as non-disruptive as possible are all reasons that Enterprise Training's comprehensive catalog of training videos is an indispensable tool for any organization.

Cyber Security

200+ Courses 2,500+ Videos 2000+ e-books

Cloud/ Virtualization

200+ Courses 4,000+ Videos 3000+ e-books

Databases & Big Data

200+ Courses 3,500+ Videos 3,500+ e-books

Software Developer

350+ Courses 8,500+ Videos 5,000+ e-books

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