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A few years ago, eLearning injected much-needed innovation into traditional training platforms. Technology gave us a revitalized system for achieving two main outcomes needed from every training program: effectiveness tied to performance and high value for the money.

The new obstacle for many organizations is making the transition to an eLearning program. eLearning provides the tools to train, but few organizations have the knowledge to use it expertly - a particularly tough challenge when employees are pressed for time and need to be "sold" on eLearning, and the impact of the change needs to be managed everywhere it has an effect.

That's where Enterprise Training Solutions steps in. Our Guaranteed Success Program™ ensures your eLearning program tracks to your goals, is implemented effectively and can grow with the changing needs of your organization.

Guaranteed Success Data Sheet

Six-Step Government Starter Plan

Step 1: Assessment

We’ll utilize our internal skill-gap tools to assess and identify a breakdown in abilities. From there, we’ll be able to determine core competencies and map course tracks accordingly.

Step 2: Subscription Service Review

We’ll introduce our seemingly unlimited content library collection of over 6,000 courses. Our team will identify target audiences and potential internal subscribers. At this point we’ll identify leaders within the organization and review pricing.

Pricing Options & Government Subscriptions

Step 3: Track Assignments

We will work with your leaders to prescribe recommended course tracks based on the assessment results and long-term skills required. This is a unique, scalable and hands-on custom approach that has worked across the board from our local government up to the federal government level.

Step 4: Management Education

Liaise closely with executive management and managers to clearly set goals and outline the program objectives. At this point we are looking for emotional support, along with fiduciary sign-off. We’ll work closely with managers to convey the importance of approving dedicated online training time during the workday and strategically outline the total number of hours, months and years to set aside for training. Furthermore, we’ll provide management workshops. Create policies around the use of online training programs, so that it is relevant to the job.

Step 5: End-User Training

Conduct mock introductory webinars, explaining how to navigate and maximize the experience. By sharing best practices with the individual users, we’ll provide access to courses outside the assigned tracks.

Step 6: Metrics Review

Present metric analysis reporting documents, explaining how managers will be able to utilize the data. By working together, we can provide recommendations how to incentive and validate the most aggressive users and analyze the most popular courses, device results, and absentee rates.

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