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From inception our classes were designed to bring the benefits of traditional instructor-led training to the internet, bundled with live Q & A, labs, study guides, mentors and off-line training options. Today we deliver a training experience that is more effective for skill development and certification prep than anything on the market.

Our instructors underpin every mode of learning in the offering, from providing subject-matter expertise during development and professional classroom presentation, to the delivery of mentoring, class notes, and study guides.

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No other classroom training delivers more value. Here's why:

You Choose

Attend live class or the recorded class on demand.

Learn More

Benefit from team teaching, Q & A sessions, lab exercises, full student guides, class notes and mentoring.

Prepare to Pass

Access certification exam samples, study guides and vouchers.

Save Money

Spend 40 to 60% less than training center classes.

A class is only as good as the instructor! And Don't We Know it...

Expertise is the heart of our training services. Our instructors all possess certification in their field. Many are published authors. They are responsible for every component of our training services, from instructional design to classroom delivery. Our instructors have written books that have become standards in many classrooms (20+ titles.) They have experience beyond the classroom - an average of 14 years field experience.

Educational support doesn't end with the class. Both instructors and our support team are available to answer questions, direct learners to additional resources and provide guidance on how to leverage learning tools. We often learn so much from our students that many of the questions they pose are integrated into the coursework.

Certification Pass Rate = 91%!


Over 250 Live Learning Students Responded to a Survey! - Here are the Summary Statistics:

of class attendees who subsequently took certification exams passed their exam.
of class attendees who passed certification exams indicated that Live learning was "essential" or very "helpful" to their exam-prep success.
considered Live Learning to be a good value considering the cost of equivelement in-person training.
considered Live Learning "training experience" (without consideration to cost) equal to or better then in person training.

Open Feedback From Live Learning Students:

Students were asked the following question (responses are below): Please tell us anything, good or bad, you'd like us to know about your learning experience.


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