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Federal Buildings Personnel Training Act (FBPTA)

Training for FBPTA Compliance

We are an authorized FBPTA training provider! Choose from a range of online courses to efficiently and inexpensively complete training aligned with FBPTA competencies. Are you a training manager or anyone concerned with supporting a team of employees that require FBTPA sourced training? If so, please contact us today to learn how we can help streamline your effort.

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Training with a dual purpose

Licensed Professionals like engineers, architects and others can earn Continuing Education Units (CEU), against State licensing requirements, by completing courses and assessments!

Training covers competencies for:

Facility Management, Maintenance and Engineering

Sustainability (LEED)



Energy Management

Water Efficiency


Design & Construction Other

Learner & Administrator Benefits

  • Accredited Courses
    over 60 state and national affiliations and accreditations
  • USGBC Education Provider
    LEED certification & CEU
  • Learner Management Services
    track and report on training progress
  • Completion Certificates
    print and or email to fulfill completion reporting requirements
  • Print Course Materials
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  • Mobility
    train from mobile devices

FBPTA Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the FBPTA Law Objective?

    The law's premise is simple: when buildings are maintained properly by trained and certified facility managers, they will perform better at lower cost, protect occupant health, safety and productivity and ultimately be worth more at their time of disposition, thereby providing a return on investment to the American taxpayer.

    Federal facility managers, who are charged with maintaining the world's largest real estate portfolio, have long sought access to education and training to ensure that investments are made not just in the physical infrastructure, but also in the individuals charged with maintaining it. The FBPTA makes that training a priority!

    Since the law was enacted, the General Services Administration (GSA) has worked with facilities representatives from various landholding agencies, IFMA and other industry associations to identify core competencies necessary for Federal personnel performing building operations and maintenance, energy management, safety, and design functions. They then identified industry recognized courses and certifications that encompass those core competencies.

    For complete program information visit the GSA Facilities Management Institute.

  • Who must comply with FBPTA?

    Both Federal personnel and non-Federal personnel performing building operations and maintenance, energy management, safety, and design functions under a contract with a Federal department or agency must comply. This includes current personnel and new hires. (Note: The non-Federal personnel/Federal contractors portion of the Act will be implemented at a later date.)

    GSA has identified three broad "functional roles" or professional categories of Federal buildings personnel. These include:

    • Facility Management (FM): Comprises interdisciplinary professionals responsible for coordinating allocation of space, infrastructure, people and organization in buildings and structures.
    • Energy Management (EM): Technical professionals responsible for reducing the costs associated with providing energy, water, and other resources to operate buildings without compromising mission.
    • Facility Operations & Maintenance (O&M): Encompasses the wide range of personnel who perform operations and maintenance functions for real property.
  • How do I determine whether my skills meet the requirements of the FBPTA?

    GSA has created an online Skills Assessment tool available at This self-assessment tool will support your need to benchmark and update your knowledge, skills and abilities as they relate to the core competencies. After answering questions about your current training and responsibilities, the tool will create a gap analysis and a personalized development plan.

  • What is the supervisor's role?

    Supervisors will help their staff identify responsibilities and specialty areas to allow each staff member to complete their own self-assessment. After their staff have completed their assessments, supervisors can review staff's gap analysis and may identify performances as not required or already completed (either from on-the-job or other training).

  • How much time do I have to comply?
    • The compliance date for Non-Federal employees/Federal contractors has not been established.
    • New hires/promoted employees: New hires and those promoted into more senior level positions requiring training in more performance areas will need to seek and complete training within one (1) year of hire/promotion.
    • Contract positions: Individuals hired for a contract period of one year or less must comply with the bill at the start of their employment period.

With government travel and training budgets under constant pressure eLearning is a sensible training alternative that makes it easy, and affordable, to comply with FBPTA!

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