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Competency Mapping

Employees benefit most when their training is designed specifically to meet their needs. Competency mapping takes a holistic view of individual training and provides the basis for customization.

Using competency mapping we will match gaps in employee skills to the courses that target those holes. The system is also set-up so that course assignments are easy for users to find and take.

Sample Competency/Course Mapping

CalHR Core Competency Model
Federal OPM Executive Core Qualifications

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Common mapping projects include:

Leadership skills

Management development for both new and experienced managers

Project management training

New hire integration and training

Many organizations accept the time conflict that arises between employees doing their jobs and learning the skills needed to get better at them. The reality of today's hectic schedules means that, too often, training is the loser. Competency mapping is a tool that minimizes the disruption. It can ensure that there is a direct line between skills-needed and learning-provided without wasting time away from the job.

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