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About Enterprise Training

Company Overview

Enterprise Training Solutions offers what no other training service provider can: an unparalleled eLearning curriculum of education, training and development tools along with an exceptional level of customer service expertise.

We provide the programs and the insight to achieve your strategic business objectives. Since 1997 we have helped organizations execute their business strategies by focusing on their most important asset: their people. This includes continuously monitoring the training marketplace for relevant eLearning content and keeping pace with the technology needs of our clients. While we have built a strong base of clients in government and education, our programs are designed for application regardless of industry.

Our learning solutions provide clients with practical and research-based tools and tailored programs that inspire employees and improve business performance with a close eye on budgetary constraints.

What We Deliver

Our programs are comprehensive:

  • The types of training we offer cover a wide-spectrum: from basic classes to high-level certifications, compliance, and general career development coursework.
  • Training portals are branded for your organization and customized for your curriculum.
  • Teachers and trainers can complement their coursework with online resources for both prerequisite and follow-up activities that help students learn more effectively.
  • Data tracking mechanisms allow administrators, supervisors and teachers to monitor activity and performance.

eLearning is the only platform that can support such a variety of activities across the broad spectrum of educational environments.

Our Proprietary Program

We offer a two part program to maximize your organization’s performance:

My SkillSource™

The My SkillSource™ database houses thousands of courses, learning objects, and electronic reference tools. The administrative function is straightforward, intuitive and easy-to-use, and provides a graphical interface that is fully hosted and available 24/7 from any computer with an internet connection.

Guaranteed Success™

Our Guaranteed Success™Â commitment ensures that our implementation strategy puts the methodologies, practices and measurements in place to make sure your eLearning investment supports lasting success for your people and your organization.

Our Mission

To deliver exceptional training and services to public sector employees to help them grow professionally and personally to best support their country, their communities, and the campuses they serve.

Our Core Values

One Team, Together

Treat all co-workers with kindness and respect, and take care of your personal well being.

Customer is King

Make all customers feel important by handling service events with a positive attitude, as quickly as possible, and deliver the goods with 100% satisfaction.

Genuine Messaging

Nurture business relationships with integrity and thoughtful communication.

Act with Purpose

Listen actively to understand customer challenges and offer creative ideas and solutions.

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Free Consultation

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