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Branding & Site Customization

A customized training site helps to show employees how important training and learning are to their work environment and their development. Putting your training objectives and priorities first, our implementation support experts will work to create a look and feel that's intuitive, professional and correctly represents the character of your training organization.

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Logo & Organization Identity

To your employees, a logo can be like a "Welcome Home" mat. It conveys that their training was designed specifically for them and their company. Our site customization makes sure your logo and branding are prominent.

Course Assignments

Use training wizard tools to easily target specific courses to individuals or groups. Align course training requirements with learning plans, compliance training and or certification tracks (internal/external). Add course recommendations and deadlines that motivate action.

Announcement Posts

Communication has to occur everywhere. There is no easier place to integrate a comprehensive communication system than on our eLearning platform. Direct employees to courses, promote upcoming events and post company news - any information that expands the scope of training and brings its benefits to users.

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If your organization has a branded or custom training site you may need to log-in from a unique log-in page (URL). For information on what web site address you need to log-in from please email:

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