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We understand the challenges government entities face. We mean the entire government. Our clients include Federal, State, Cities, Counties, Unions, Federations and Educational institutions.

Too busy to train?

How online education makes sense for your department’s needs.

ETS online training curriculum integrates with your existing technologies, IT manuals, management challenges, program requirements and culture. We’re here to help build an aptitude across the entire department – in a way that makes the most sense within your operational parameters.

The economics make sense.

We understand that a training budget is meant to provide immediate value. Buying access to our subscription service includes online training across a mountain of options. Our prices are a fraction of the cost to attend live instructor led training workshops, and can compliment a blend of both.


Live Instructor Proposal

$50K in live proposal and $25K in ETS = $75K and a $25K savings

Understanding our online audience. The when, where and how of online training. Solved.

We appeal to professionals who appreciate learning on their terms. Want short, clear, concise, “how to” bursts of instruction? Too busy to attend a one-hour exhaustive virtual pre-scheduled class? We understand that your workforce is resourceful – and capitalize on it with self-paced, video, eBooks and even more in our catalogue.

Navigation contracts internally.

Need help pushing curriculum through the government ranks. Rely on us as your partner. Our sales and customer service team is expertly trained to help you navigate internal controls.

Unify the agency.

Our technology brings our government customers together on the aggregate. Using data and proven theories, we can help you anticipate what’s next for the team’s training needs.

Commitment to filling your talent pipeline.

Our team understands that working across departments is necessary sometimes. We will work with you to detail and “loan” talent across departments. Our goal is always to identify gap and match online training.

How we compliment your IT department 

We consider your agency’s IT department a partner in the online training curriculum. Often times, we provide online education training and protocols that soften the IT department’s workload. We understand that the IT department’s job is to make sure it works. It’s our job to offer complimentary online courses so that the department can utilize these technologies. We’re also happy to keep your IT department tuned up and abreast of new options, and of course work closely on tract and content approvals.

Creating a win-win.
We are here to help market ETS internally and create usership demand.

Understanding the motivational milestones, leadership priorities, time constraints and device challenges are part of our job. This includes avoiding pitfalls and anticipating challenges. You’re buying us and our team; not just a catalogue of content. We’re a team of people committed to helping your department succeed and will work tirelessly to ensure your online courses are well received and promoted internally. In fact, we’ll even provide the marketing materials to email, post and share internally.

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