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Case Studies

Below are a few examples of how customers leverage the Enterprise Training Solutions products and services.

Case Study 1

Customer: Major Transportation Agency (3000+ employees)

Current Duration of Program: 2 years

Make training available to all staff on demand. Map certain courses to competencies required for specific employee positions.

Provide sexual harassment and other compliance content to employees and confirm attendance.

Solution: ETS delivered a fully branded web site, linked to the customer intranet providing employees with detailed program information, regarding course accreditation/certification, participation instructions, site usage policy, etc.

Implementation planning services are provided supplying the customer with a detailed step-by-step written plan or road map to follow for program implementation. The plan tackled difficult issues like program preparation, installation, management sponsorship, supervisor awareness, employee on-line learning orientation and other culture related issues.

Each employee is assigned a specific set of courses relative to job role, mandatory content, management development, administrative staff requirements, etc.

Learner management services are provided to aid in confirming course attendance and completion credit. Training liaisons within each agency department have administrative control and reporting capabilities over their respective department's employees.

Course completion data was integrated into Peoplesoft their human resource management tool.

Case Study 2

Customer: State Government - Central Office for Technology

Current Duration of Program: 4 years

Challenge: The state is chartered with making a cost effective eLearning program available to all state agencies and departments.

Solution: ETS delivered a hosted and branded training web site inclusive of a 2000 course library (accredited and certified content), 4000 e-Book library and Skill Gap Analysis Tool. The learner management system tracks and reports on course usage, assessment scores and general activity data is provided.

With the aggregated purchasing power of 80+ participating agencies/departments employees are benefiting from a broad range of learning opportunities at a cost of up to 75% below State contract prices.

The program is actively managed by the state, with ETS supporting the initiative indirectly by providing on-site seminars and presentations, user webinars, web services (customer internal LMS integration), and web-based tools and resources that assist each participating agency/department with eLearning program roll-out activities and on-going maintenance.

Case Study 3

Customer: Education technology services organization (state funded) focused on providing support for IT professionals in California schools.

Current Duration of Program: 5 years

Challenge: Integrate affordable eLearning, mapped to job roles, into an existing support program and web site.

Solution: ETS aligned its course offering with the skills and related skill gaps associated with IT job roles in school districts statewide. Through the customers program/web site ETS's courses, e-Books, virtual labs and KnowledgeShare environment are available to the programs customers.

ETS conducts regular webinars to share information regarding eLearning with program constituents.

Case Study 4

Customer: IT Services & Integration Company (1200 employees)

Current Duration of Program: 6 years

Challenge: Involve management with course selection and provide regular course activity information.

Provide for courses to be purchased on an as-needed basis so that program costs are manageable.

In an environment where employee time is "billable" this customer requires a flexible training solution where courses could be taken at odd hours, intermittently and when employees have down time.

Solution: ETS delivers a hosted and branded training web site that features e-Register an employee course registration and manager approval system where employees must get management approval before taking eLearning courses. Managers receive automated monthly course completion reports to assist them with employee development plans and accounting for employee time on the job versus training time.

The entire catalog of courses is available to employees; however each course is delivered and invoiced on an as needed basis. Users may access courses anytime from anywhere with a PC and an internet connection. Courses may be referred back to at any point for review purposes.

Case Study 5

Customer: State Government Agency (5000+ employees)

Current Duration of Program: 2 years

Challenge: With limited internal customer resources available for program management, make e-reference and courses available to all IT staff to fulfill employee development plan expectations and for general skill development.

Solution: ETS delivered a fully branded and hosted training web site, and contributed significant program resources (on-site meetings, webinars, web services) to set up, roll out and manage the program on an ongoing basis. E-Register our course registration and manager approval system is employed to establish course completion objectives with managers receiving proactive reports on a monthly and quarterly basis.

A training lab was set up so that users have a quiet place to go to train during work hours. From here users can access courses and take virtual labs that allow them to practice new skills on real IT gear. IT e-Books and manuals are available on demand from user workstations. Users get agency credit for course completions through integration with the resident employee management system.

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