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Branding and Customization

My SkillSource eliminates the need for your organization to go through the costly process of creating its own training site because the My SkillSource site can be customized to meet all of your training needs. Your organization has the ability to place its logo on the site, post announcements and assign courses. And now, you can deploy your internally developed CBT courses with My SkillSource's Learning Management System!

Place Your Logo

Your organization can place its logo directly on the My SkillSource training site, letting your employees know that your company has invested in learning opportunities for them.

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Post Announcements

You control the Announcement section, giving your organization a great way to communicate with employees when they enter the training site. In this section, you can post company news, direct employees to specific courses, and promote upcoming events.

How much work is involved? About a minute to access the Training Administrator site, and the time it take you to compose your message. It's that easy.

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Assign, Require, and Recommend Courses

With My SkillSource, you have the ability to choose what courses are available so that employees and students have access to the exact courses they need. If your organization has ever deployed a new email package or upgraded your desktop software, you know that adapting to new software can be a challenge. What if you could recommend particular courses to students or groups? Or go a step further and require that a course is completed before it disappears from a student's curricula? My SkillSource gives you that capability.

Consider this, too: When IT Professionals are scheduled to go out for $2000.00 classes, My SkillSource gives them the perfect opportunity to get prerequisite training under their belts so that they can get the maximum benefit from their classes. In this case, My SkillSource's value in being able to assign prerequisite training is crystal clear.

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Post In-House Training Content

My SkillSource makes it possible for your organization to upload third party content and deploy that content right from the training site. Additionally, in-house training content that your organization has produced can be deployed together with other courses for a convenient, centralized training site. This is a serious capability that does not require the purchase, programming, and implementation of an expensive, separate Learning Management System!

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